Enter to Win

Eagle 98.1 is giving you a chance to win serious cash with our 2K Band of the Day!

Listen weekday mornings at 7:10 during Condon Uncensored when Anna, Richard and Scott will reveal the 2K Band of the Day.

Anytime you hear a song from that band before 5pm, be caller 6 at 499-9898, and you’ll win an Eagle 98.1 prize pack, and qualify to be that week’s winner of two thousand dollars cash!

…Eagle’s Nest members can also sign up to qualify online at Eagle 981.com. Bonus qualifiers will be announced weekdays just after 5pm.

Michelle will randomly draw a winner each Friday during Southern Rock at 5:20pm, and give away 2K! From Eagle 98.1.

Contest Ends: 11/8/2019 5:00 PM ET